Words of love from some of the amazing authors I appreciate. I know the years of dedication and contemplation that writers put into their series. I work hard to give complete focus to each work.

Everything went just as planned. Smooth production, great communication and most important a fabulous product at the end. Can't ask for more!


You did such a wonderful job capturing the voices and spirit of the characters that when I talked to one person who knows me, she said she swore she could hear my voice in some of the lines because it sounded like something I would say. As I told her, it came from us getting to know each other and for you getting to know the characters through me.

— M. J. KANE

The experience I had with Quiana Goodrum's audio work for my novel Tease was excellent. She provided me fast feedback and reliable
service. When I asked her about including music for the audiobook, she not only took
on the challenge but actually found the perfect score for the production.


It's been a pleasure, Quiana. I am so thrilled you enjoyed the books. I hope you read the Acknowledgements section in Book 3. I meant it!